Saving My Real Teeth Instead of Getting Dentures

When people have damaged or decayed teeth, they may feel that dentures are their only option. With the advances in dental technology and the variety of restorative treatments, patients no longer have dentures as their only option for restoring their smile and improving oral health. 120 million people in the United States are missing at least one tooth, but that does not mean that their natural teeth can’t be salvaged for a smile that is all their own.

Benefits of Natural Teeth and Implants

Dentures compared to natural teeth, there is no comparison. Dentures just don't measure up to healthy, natural teeth anchored in a healthy jawbone. While not everyone loves the way their natural teeth look, the function of natural teeth far exceeds the limited ability to chew with dentures.

Saving a natural tooth means the original structure of your jaw and mouth will be maintained. Everyday functions like speaking and chewing will be normal because no alterations will have been made to the mouth. Of course, most people will want to keep their smile looking the same because it is a part of their appearance. When teeth are damaged or decayed, many turn to root canals to save their teeth and remove the decayed tissue.

Implants, on the other hand, are replacement teeth that are implanted into the jawbone surgically. These are popular choices for when one or two teeth are missing. If the gums and jawbone are healthy, implants can be put into the mouth and blend with the other teeth for a smile that is still mostly natural. These are permanent teeth that require no adhesives and eventually stimulate bone growth in the jaw as natural teeth would.

Why People Have Chosen Dentures

Before dentists had the advanced tools that are available today, dentures were the primary option when teeth were decayed or infected with a disease. The dentists may not have had proper treatment options when teeth exhibited issues. Dentures were the standard solution for tooth damage and other oral diseases but are not as common of options in present day.

Dentures are usually best for people who have weak jaws or gums which cannot support natural teeth or implants. The problems that occur when choosing dentures can include the teeth slipping out of place while eating or speaking if there is a lack of adhesive. Even partial dentures may allow for more infection in teeth if not fitted properly.

How to Protect Your Oral Health

The team at Smilovits DDS will give every patient a second opinion if they have been told that they must have all their teeth removed and be fitted for dentures. Though they have been serving the Cleveland community for over 30 years, their tools and technology have developed over time so that they can offer high quality dental services including implants, crowns, bridges, and other treatments that do not involve dentures.

Taking care of your teeth is essential to keeping your oral hygiene at a quality level. This will ensure you have a lesser chance of losing teeth and eventually needing a dental service or dentures. One of the ways to maintain health is visit a dentist regularly for checkups and brush teeth twice a day. Before the dentists at Smilovits DDS will perform treatment, we ensure the plan is the right move for the patient. We always have same-day appointments and see each patient one-at-a-time for a personalized approach. Call 216-464-9696 to make an appointment today.